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If you are seeking to hone your information security knowledge and skills and are fed up with the traditional method of simply reading through a book or sitting in a classroom with 200 other students then you have come to the right place! At SecuritySession we intend to provide you with opportunities to learn security concepts using nontraditional means such as games, hacking challenges,  and puzzles!

Terminal Hacker

After a long and painstaking journey we will soon announce the release of “Terminal Hacker: Into the Deep”. An attempt at redefining educational gaming “Terminal Hacker” intends to provide challenges that reinforce Information Security and Linux command line skills of the players while they attempt to solve the mystery of what occurred to Dan McPenrite’s sister Merle.


Kickstarter Backers

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers this game will be FREE upon release. They have been waiting for a really really long time for this to be complete and I would like to thank them again for their assistance and patience! You guys rock!

Download Link to be enabled once released on Steam!

  • This game has been GreenLit on Steam and will be available ASAP. I fear to mention a specific date because we are already about 2 years overdue!!! We have been working diligently towards completion of the first episode in which the player mut learn about , and then use skills that apply in real life in order to progress through the game!
  • Set in the near future where the ultimate goal in life is to save up and hook up to ‘Retire’ in style in the virtual world those that are still grinding their days away at daily tasks must struggle to deal with the mundane duties associated with ‘Real Life’
  • The story has been written by Conor Kostick, an Irish historian and writer living in Dublin. He is the author of many historical, political, and cultural works. We think that you will love his story line and maybe even ‘accidentally’ learn some new skills while playing ‘Terminal Hacker – Into the Deep’

Penetration Testing Books


Both of these books offer a basic introduction into penetration testing. Please note that if you are considering the purchase of the Advanced Penetration Testing book: It is NOT super advanced, and it is also based on BackTrack. You may want to consider purchasing something more updated instead!

If you are simply looking for a decent guide on how to setup a penetration testing lab then it may be a good selection for you.


Bridging the gap between learning and fun

One of the primary functions of SecuritySession is to provide you with entertaining methods of gaining or re-enforcing computer and information security skills. Keep an eye out for some of the mini-games and articles that will be posted here! Please note that ‘Terminal Hacker’ is our number one priority for now so we are not sure how long it will be before this section becomes very populated!

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